Politics Allowed

24 Jul

Yet while there was a new format for the debate, which was sponsored by CNN and the video-sharing Web site YouTube, the change went only so far: Candidates frequently lapsed into their talking points, and there was little actual debate among them.

Much of the debate was taken up with questions on social and domestic issues, including race, education and gay rights. At one point the candidates were asked if they would agree to be paid only the national minimum wage if elected president and at another whether they had arrived for the debate, in Charleston, S.C., on private jets.
–The New York Times

must smoke in order to keep my blood pressure down
while watching these bozos on da tube
i’ll tell that to the doc and see if any more of his hair will fall out
my doc is obese so i don’t trust anything he says
on politics: we hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office
watched the youtube debate last night for a bit
before the complete feeling of disgust took over
made an “Lx Martini” and got into a discussion
with my mother on whether a bullet or carbon monoxide
would make for an easier suicide
quite entertaining actually
despite of what you may think
there were some good jokes made
i told her i’m too lazy to kill myself
too lazy to live and too lazy to end it all
and so, she said, you’re sort of in purgatory
indeed, i said, i’m trapped in a bizarre waiting room
along with all the other soul-less zombies
only no one’s coming out from the other side and calling names
this instead of the youtube debate
mind you there was libation involved
and a heavy case of sunburn (on her side)
but mama can hang with me all the way into the night
like mother like…
you know the cliche
and now Pascal enters the head:
justice without force is powerless
force without justice is tyrannical
and i find myself aligning with Nietzsche
madness is rare in individuals
but in groups, political parties, nations, and eras it’s the rule
you see i always hark back to politics during this season
man is by nature a political animal
said Aristotle
but really what that means is if you peel the layers of the onion
man is by nature a back-stabbing, lying parasite
and now we interrupt this program for this:
stripped of ethical rationalizations and philosophical pretentions,
a crime is anything that a group in power chooses to prohibit.
in a time of universal deceit
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
it’s the only time i’ll stick around for the Revolution
with the capital R
as for the rest?
i’ll be the guy running the other way
looting liquor stores
on my way out of town.


8 Responses to “Politics Allowed”

  1. slyboots2 24/07/2007 at 2:44 PM #

    I am just so put off by the pandering inherent in going a MySpace event like that in the first place. Just makes the whole political theater thing overt- which I suppose I should find comforting. But I don’t.

  2. Lx 24/07/2007 at 3:14 PM #

    well my problem is the PERCEPTION that the questions are “coming directly from the people.” indeed they are, via youtube shitty videos, but there are still people/handlers/censors who decide which questions to “let through” so to speak. i was commenting on Rachel’s blog (Capture) about this being a delusion. The candidates, you can be sure, knew very well which questions were going to be thrown their way. There isn’t a chance in hell their staff would let them go out there “cold.” Those days are long gone. Everyone had a canned answer. they’re all robots. but still, i’m voting Democratic all the way. i’m through with this aberration of an administration.

  3. dr. zombieswan 24/07/2007 at 3:53 PM #

    WHO SAYS zombies are soulless? Hmmmfph. We just have had too much puffer fish, and are a little out of it. It beats paying attention to this crap. (As in, politics.) I hate political discussion. Husband and C. The Plumber are talking about it now cause they have MSNBC on and they’re BOTH driving me crazy. It’s like having Hannity & Combs (is that his name)? doing your floor in your TV room. I’m going shopping, I think, before I have to hurt them both.

  4. Lx 24/07/2007 at 4:00 PM #

    lemme guess…Husband is Hannity.
    (the other is Colmes)

  5. dr. zombieswan 24/07/2007 at 4:09 PM #

    If Hannity is the more conservative one, yes. But Husband really is a more Libertarian type; he just likes to play THE MAN on TV. :)

  6. Lx 24/07/2007 at 5:02 PM #

    i’m guessing he’s more the consequentialist libertarian and not the rights theorist.

    i kind of snicker at Libertarians; they remind me of Communists in a way…both political philosophies just look so fucking good on paper, don’t they? but we forget that we’re dealing with the human psyche, whenever we put anything into practice.

    i tell people that I’m a socialist buddhist. that pretty much ends that conversation. surprisingly, no one has ever asked questions beyond the requisite: “aha. how interesting.”

  7. slyboots2 25/07/2007 at 12:53 AM #

    All the libertarians I have ever known had only one serious issue= pot legalization. That should explain it all.

  8. dr. zombieswan 26/07/2007 at 2:56 PM #

    Slyboots; Yep. I had a student in class who as his “interesting thing about him” on day one said he was a Libertarian. And when I asked “So is Ron Paul still you’re Pres candidate”? he said “Uh. I dunno.” Which lead me to reply “Um, you know, don’t you, that Libertarianism is about more than legalizing pot, right?” Look it up on the Internet, silly student.

    But that’s not so much my hubby’s thing as just being contrary. His favorite stock fund, in fact, is called “Contrarian Fund” and has made us money where Wal Mart & other “sure things” were losers.


    I dunno what to call him. He’s Contrary. I am more of a Liberal Conservative Born-Again Pagan. (Which usually makes people look at me funny, too.)

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