Thank You

24 Aug

A quick, personal aside and a departure from the usual mundane tales you often come to digest here, to say big time thanks to all who’ve so far emptied their wallets in support of this site. I do not know who has contributed, as all the payments have been made anonymously, so I can’t thank people personally. But just know that all of it is going toward the cost of self-publishing an omnibus of sorts. The book project and the intricacies of marketing it are being researched by my “publicist” and my plan is to start re-writing and re-shaping some of the shorts you’ve seen on here, sometime next month. This medium (blog) is not conducive to long, elaborate pieces but my intent is to go back and expand some of the things that have appeared here over the years and mold them into true short stories. And perhaps give them another spin. A while ago I decided to circumvent the traditional ways of submitting manuscripts first to agents, then wait for them to do their jobs and submit to publishers who, more than likely, would not see any lucrative reasons to take on the stuff that I usually write. At my luckiest, were I to actually be offered a publishing contract, I could assume to see a book in print years after the process had begun.

My opinion is that the publishing industry is in dissaray and in deep trouble financially, so basically I see (saw…see-saw?) no chance of ever getting a project completed and printed and marketed unless I did it myself. For years I eschewed self-publication as mere “vanity press” rubbish, but things have begun to change. I am encouraged by how mediums such as MySpace and blogs, and technology in general have propelled independent bands to record and distribute outside of, and without the help of major labels–themselves in much trouble now due to the intersection of creative momentum, motivation, necessity, and technology. And certain self-publishing tools have come a long way from their stigmatic beginnings of fleecing the vain but nevertheless naive mediocre writer who wanted to see his name in print…one way or another and at all costs–usually very high. There are still myriad scams out there, but there are also great tools of which I plan to take advantage.

I hope to have this collection out soon. Perhaps by the start of the new year. I am grateful to all the people who come here day after day to read. And who support the material that gets posted on this site. Thank you.


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