26 Aug

i put her to bed
then retreat downstairs to fight the monsters
douse them with scotch
the salty, smoky taste
brings me backwards twenty years
i need this to smooth over the holes
before they all jump down my throat
before they wrap me in a white sheet
and stone me into Hades
they need to see how she and i are together
how happy
life is suspended for forty-eight hours
things fall right
doors open
she finds me rainbows
and brings me wind in her fists
i take it
and let it go
and blow on her face
you feel the breeze baby?
that’s the wind flying out of my hands
and she laughs and laughs
and does three pirouettes
all in a row
when she blows out
on sunday evenings
it’s back to swinging maces
sharpening axes
emptying bottles
turning blades from within
eviscerating everything
with impunity


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