Zero Positive

6 Sep

dear prudence,

i love bret easton ellis. have you ever read less than zero? he wrote it in like high school i think. it’s amazing. they made a movie with robert downey jr and jamie gertz and andrew mccarthy but i don’t like the film so much. robert downey is good but you ought to read the book if you haven’t. i started smoking cloves a few days ago. my friend lara who lives in toronto says she can get me black ones. i’m not sure what they have in them but every time i light one up people think stuff is on fire. i like the smell. last night i went to a show at the black cat which had the misfits and some band called the subhumans. i like their song model of stupidity. if you don’t know it or haven’t heard of the band let me know and i’ll make a tape and send it. can you send tapes in an envelope? is it legal? i guess you just add extra postage. i cut myself again. this time i did it on my chest right in between my boobs and a little below toward my belly. it hurt more but it’s easier to hide with clothes than the arms. legs are ok too in the wintertime. i don’t know why i cut. it doesn’t hurt right when i do it. when i move the blade down my flesh it gives me the chills but only for a second or two. i don’t like my boobs either so it’s ok. one points a little to the right and my nipples are really really light in color. as you can probably tell i don’t like myself too much. if my mom knew about the cutting she’d send me straight to a mental ward. what a hypocrite right? my dad has pancreatic cancer. i don’t really care because i’ve never known him. he left when i was three or something. anyway we got a letter from his wife in akron saying that he’s got it. do you know where akron is? i had to look it up. i don’t know what pancreatic cancer means except the word cancer. it’s probably really bad. i just don’t know and probably don’t care. i should look that up. pancreatic. it’s ok though. i don’t much care. i never really knew him and he never wrote or called so…


3 Responses to “Zero Positive”

  1. slyboots2 06/09/2007 at 2:11 PM #

    Dude- am I here or am I there? Am i now or am i then? confusing…tripping me out…but I sure like it!

    Hey, hey, hey, yes I like, yes I like it!

    And Morrissey vs Fat Bob? Sweet Jebus, can you actually tell the difference with your eyes closed? If so, tip of the hat.

  2. Lx 06/09/2007 at 2:18 PM #

    you’re there.
    it’s then.
    even more confusing:
    Fat Bob vs. Siouxie Sioux
    same person??
    “film at 11”

  3. Janete Cabral 22/09/2007 at 4:31 AM #

    I like the parallels you make…I never know where your words are going to take me…unpredictable…I enjoying the trip…

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