pink frost

7 Sep

dear prudence,

i hate most people. including myself. but you know that. i hate that they try to make me feel better saying things like: there are more important problems in the world, like starving children in africa, or… hang in there. i hate that one the most: hang in there. in where? like i’m a monkey or something. i’m so confused. nothing is the same anymore. nothing ever stays the same. you know that poem by robert frost? nothing gold can stay? it’s in a movie called the outsiders. i haven’t read the book yet but the movie is pretty good. robert frost reminds me of the chills and that song they wrote pink frost. do you like the verlaines or the triffids or the go-betweens? i can send you a tape of all this stuff. i think my mom wants me to go to church. wants me to find jesus or something. where do you find jesus? some people find him on pieces of toast or on the walls of underpasses. have you ever found him? there is a psycho in toledo who chopped up a woman into pieces and dumped her into the cuyahoga river. i wonder what my dad is like. i wonder if he could ever be a murderer. maybe he’s the serial killer they’re looking for. i am so confused about everything. i hate cleveland.


4 Responses to “pink frost”

  1. Rachel 07/09/2007 at 4:23 PM #

    Your range of style is amazing to me. Just when I think I have a sense of the kinds of things you write you come out with something different. Your like madonna; always reinventing yourself!

  2. Lx 07/09/2007 at 5:37 PM #

    thanks so much.
    not really feeling like i re-invent myself; but sometimes i get bored and have to switch things up.

  3. slyboots2 08/09/2007 at 3:53 PM #

    Flew into Cleveland on Sunday. Not much there to love from what I could see.

    Funny- a while ago (years maybe?) I was tabbing through blogs and found plenty of what appeared to be teenagers’ blogs. They were very similar to the vibe of this one, only not as well written, full of more venom and swear words. You have improved upon youthful angst, my friend!

  4. Janete Cabral 22/09/2007 at 4:34 AM #

    a further instalment…I like it. It must be great to write like that. I wish I could. I try honesty on paper but I would probably need to dig deeper.

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