Juice–We Cut Heads

14 Sep

The part that stings the most is right down the back of the neck; right where the hairline tapers down and meets the skin. The machine has a field day with the flesh at that point, especially if angled just the right way. It bites into the meat ferociously and draws blood with impunity. Juice lifts his hand and drives the steel teeth into his scalp. The sharp sting from the cut makes him shiver, but he plows through and mows the hair from back to front.

When he was six he was electrocuted by a faulty washing machine running its cycles in the living room. He went to turn on a light at the switch, and his hand was held in place by the current for almost two minutes before his father found him and cut off the power at the panel. The charge went through his right arm, down to the feet, and left him numb for two weeks after. By age ten he suffered from chronic migraines, which were manifested in the visual form of white, electrical bolts coming down the optical nerve and into his eyes. His friends called him Juice. Sometimes, during the debilitating headaches, he’d lose the ability for speech. He started shaving his head in ninth grade following a futile but rigorous treatment for mis-diagnosed dystonia. He believed that lack of hair ameliorated the frequent mini strokes from which he was suffering.

The City of Absurdity.
I loathe pupae.
I will cut off all my appendages with small, sharp nail scissors.
I am a person.
I refute the Dream Cycle.
I don’t believe in the accident.


2 Responses to “Juice–We Cut Heads”

  1. cocaine jesus 14/09/2007 at 3:35 PM #

    i find it easier now to DIY a haircut. looks like a butchers job but hey.

  2. Lx 14/09/2007 at 3:39 PM #

    butchers are needed.

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