…followed by Night of the Long Knives

22 Oct

Yes, yes, we know all about that fateful day in 1934 (the atrocities took place on the day of my birth: July 1; ain’t that special) when Hitler’s thugs took out about a hunn’erd SA for…”political reasons.” We also know about the obscure AC/DC song which no one, sans your bored narrator, has ever heard. My version of it–the night, that is–is a Molotov cocktail of a bizarre sort: take a few slices of pizza whose salt content approaches a week’s worth of dietary allowance, mix in two double LX Martinis©, stir in sixteen years of insomnia©, and top off with a hefty case of suspected sleep apnea. For shits and giggles, pepper a few psychotic nightmares and strange apparitions, and top with a cacophony of voices and sounds similar to slats of wood being flung against a brick wall (or human bones cracking under the grappling pressure of a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Meister). Now we’re on to something good. Capish?


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