21 Dec

“The shittiest and hardest thing is making yourself take a gulp, you know? Swallow the goddamned thing once and for all and get it overwith.”
“Mikey, come on. Come down from there, will ya?”
The boy in the tree shifted his weight and craned his neck up toward the window.
“Goddamit, you can’t see anything from this angle. It’s too goddamned low.”
“Come on Mikey, you’re getting me all nervous. Come down.”
“Listen, Richie Mangano said this girl walks around the house naked all the goddamned time. I’m not missing out on that deal.”
He shifted again and the branch on which he was squatting cracked and gave a little under his weight.
“Jesus, come on Mikey. The fucking tree is…”
“Hold up. I think I see…
“Come on. Come down now. This is illegal anyway. Or perverted, or something. Isn’t it illegal?”
“Oh and since when somebody died and left you head of the moral police, heh? Gestapo. That’s what you are. You prude.”
“I’m just saying…it’s wrong. Like you’re some kind of peeping tom or something…”
“And what the hell’s wrong with that. Who cares. Listen, anyway, as I was trying to tell you before. The bitch of it all is going against the grain and swallowing. You know? ‘Cause the body and the brain don’t want you to do that. They’ll actually hold you back and make it longer. Torture you.”
“Ah shit Mikey, I don’t wanna hear that…”
The boy lowered himself down the peeling, dry bark, scraping his skin.
“Crap,” he said, “couldn’t see nothing. Mangano sucks balls.”
“Forget it, I’m telling you, it’s just perverted.”
“Oh please Mother Fucking Teresa. Lay off will ya? I’m trying to tell you how to drown properly.”
“Come on Mikey…”
“Come nothin’. I’m just telling you in case you ever find yourself up against that shit. You know? Who the hell knows. One moment you’re on a goddamned catamaran, enjoying the hell out of yourself, next thing you know, the bloody thing tips and traps your sappy ass under. Do yourself a favor and just fucking swallow, otherwise you’re prolonging it and making it harder on yourself. But see the catch is, how do you go against your instinct, right? Heh? The fucking survival instinct.”
The boy tapped himself on the sternum and smiled.
“I don’t know Mikey, this…I mean, I hate this…”
“Hey. I didn’t go through this shit for n0thing, you hear me you fucking faggot. What’d I say?”
“That’s right. Just swallow. Get it overwith. Overrule your goddamn brain…”
“Mikey, Jesus…”
“Jesus won’t help you in that spot. Swallowing will. You understand? Let the water fill up your lungs.”
“Do you?”
“Yea, yea.”
“Don’t fucking yea yea. There’s no goddamn light, no goddamn tunnel. There’s none of that shit. That’s just movie bullshit. There’s only you and the water. And the faster you tell your brain to shut the fuck up and swallow, the faster it all ends. You understand?”
The redheaded boy plunged his hands into his pockets.
“Yea. Jesus.”
“No, I mean…”
“I know what you mean. Gimme a cigarette will ya?”
“I don’t have any.”
“Oh come on you stingy Sid.”
“That shit’s bad for you anyway.”
“Jesus Christ, I’m fucking drowned three months now, that shit’s bad for me…the moral police, for Chrissakes…”
The redheaded boy laughed and dug out a crumpled pack from his pocket.
“Listen, we gotta get a look at this girl. I’m serious. Richie Mangano said she walks around naked all the time.”
“Oh yea?”
“Yea. And she has the biggest bush. That’s what Richie Mangano says.  Faggot ass perverted peeping tom…”


One Response to “Micah”

  1. Christine 22/12/2007 at 3:59 PM #

    Ah, now this one is effective. But it definitely hits a few nerves in my case- that water thing, doncha know. But very good dialogue.

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