Rotten (in Denmark), Johnny

10 Apr

“ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

you start thinking that, when in november 1997 johnny lydon makes a bizarre appearance on judge judy defending himself for alleged civil battery and unpaid fees.
or when the bread runs out halfway down the queue and you’re bringing up the rear, after twenty-three years of having paid into the fucking melting pot check after cheque after czech. after financing four wars just in a brief two decades of work (two in middle east, one on drugs, one on “terror”) and you’re being told there’ll be nothing to help if you ever need help and no worries, pass it down to your kids.
who wants to be here? even illegally?
and now more bureaucratic and financial skinning coming from shady federal institutions backlogged with paperwork clear into the next decade, trying to sniff out malfeasance and terrorist tendencies from poor sods squeezed into a financial government-mandated vise designed to weed out the bad apples via social and economic oppression.
i am watching a watered-down documentary version of an attempt to explain reality and alternate reality via quantum physics and mechanics. i know a bit about cathode rays and michael faraday, max planck, electromagnetism, weak force, supersymmetric string theory, and a bit more…but only a bit, so this piece running on my screen is somewhat entertaining, especially with marlee matlin acting out possible scenarios in possible parallel universes in possible multiple dimensions (superstring theory necessitates at least 10 dimensions and up to 21 and more).
nothing of the minutia which has been wearing me down the last twenty-some years ought to matter. that’s what the beautiful, flexible discipline of quantum physics claims. i can wrap my ignorant brain around the preposterous reality we’ve crafted for ourselves and the terrifying patterns which we’ve created and the abyss into which we’ve thrown ourselves (or conditioned ourselves to jump blindly like some giddy suburbanite on an overdue vacation, cliff diving in ponte brolla).
i get that.
i get it.
but i cannot get away from it. only briefly (and not while in an inebriated state, mind you).
now there’s talk about god. with a capital g. the concept of. the grandiosity and mis-conception and materialization of this entity which may very well exist, or can be clearly defined by quantum physics, but not even close to the form which we give it in our intellect or history.
this is where i turn it off because i cannot keep my eyes open any longer. not from boredom. simply, the day has finished with me. channels go flashing by in quick succession and i think of cathode rays flowing through evacuated glass tubes. we watch kids sing off tune and celebrities crying for doomed african children. we watch political commentary…
a cathode + an anode = diode
i recall that from a physics of light class i took as freshman at university. the professor also demonstrated the effect gasses have on vibration of vocal chords by first inhaling helium from a balloon (which elicited much laughter and reference to lollipop guilds from the student body), and next ingesting freon from a sealed tank (which elicited personal bad flashbacks from a summer past fraught with dangerous, self-destructive behaviour).
i should read.
and try to turn off. tune out. drop down.
some days i have no hope.
ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


3 Responses to “Rotten (in Denmark), Johnny”

  1. Slyboots 10/04/2008 at 7:29 PM #

    Add to the list that the government has found that millions- actually hundreds of millions have been stolen from us (taxpayers, if you insist) by government employees shopping up a storm using government issued credit card. You’re bloody assed welcome for the expensive lingerie, douchebag government employee.

    And deities are so remote, so theoretical. I have always wondered about the a)sanity and b)intelligence of people who claimed a personal relationship with any of them. Isn’t hearing voices considered an early sign of mental illness???

  2. maria 10/04/2008 at 9:51 PM #

    “who wants to be here? even illegally?”

    Half my countrymen. Especially if you consider that there isn’t a really fantastic retirement pension type thing here. So. Yes, you’ve paid all those taxes and then they will screw you anyway… are you sure you’re not in Mexico?

  3. (S)wine 10/04/2008 at 9:58 PM #

    i know it.
    and i do get it…still…clouds have gathered,
    storm is almost here.

    i am unsure of many things lately;
    one of them being my location.

    pee-S: a big Cheers to all the academic swine (eXpecially those from Harvard and MIT) who are finding this site via “quantum mechanics/physics” searches, and taking the time to read this particular post. apologies for not providing a more cerebral alternative or answer to your queries.

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