Sketchy Sketches or Would You Like a Wedge of Lemon and a Pinch of Parsley with Those Fried Brains?

9 Jun

I think.
Always the road, for me, has been a weird conduit between information and introspection. Or cogitation. The former comes into the head at the start of the journey. The doldrums of the tyres on pavement quickly erase that and I move into the latter. My daughter reacts differently: she immediately nods off, as all four-year-olds ought to, after a long day of action and a prospective couple of hours in the car.

At least twice a month I have four solid hours of running on sometimes un-even pavement and, while on watch avoiding swerving vehicles driven by exhausted red-eyes or freaks yelling into their mobile telephones, I seem to enter some bizarro worm hole in which time stands quite still while miles pass. I can’t explain fully as I’m not comfortably versed in quantum mechanics to give a dissertation. But privately, I’ve always been fascinated by the weirdness of particles appearing in two places at once, or superstrings stretching to form philosophical dimensions and membranes which perhaps from time to time rub accidentally and produce Big Bangs which, in turn, give birth to universes. I’ve always been fascinated with the common ground shared by philosophy and quantum mechanics. And with superstring theory. I have, for years, believed that time is not linear, but perhaps spiral. I refuse to adhere to the simplistic, left brain hypothesis that time moves from point A to point B. The left hemisphere is concerned with the past and the future. It’s difficult to override that material-world concept, and I’ve tried to work on superseding “rational” thought of time. Mostly it’s been a failure; it’s hard to step over a line which is somehow ingrained into our psyche and re-inforced by timepieces and calendars.

Yesterday, at 75mph while Patterson’s latest Orb tracks were ticking off on the iPod, I actually caught a brief glimpse of distorting trails made or left into time-space by passing cars, as if they were stellar ships travelling through matter in an anisotropic trajectory. The weirdest of all was an inherent hunch that my own car was an isotropic vessel; just the opposite of my passing neighbors–that is to say, I felt I was travelling homogeneously in all directions and in alternate universes at the same time. I thought I was experiencing some sort of hallucinatory vision, but I hadn’t ingested any psylocybian mushrooms or any other psychoactive tryptamines. Those days have long passed (have they? or are they just parallel to now?). Thank (insert your favourite god’s name here) I had already dropped off my daughter at her mum’s house, so I experienced this…weird connection to quantum matter and spatiomaterialism while alone, rushing back home to mix a much needed martini (natch). And so at least if I were to crash, no innocent lives would be taken. Fingers crossed.

At one point, shortly after detecting these disturbances into the reality I knew as now, a quick succession of mesolithic rock paintings were displayed on my windshield, transparent so I could still make minor steering corrections at that particular speed. I felt this precise moment was an amalgamation of Epipaleolithic hunter-gatherer instincts within us and a questioning, almost intrinsically agnostic nature developed by Modern Man or Philosopher.

Interestingly enough, upon arriving home, my better half—without knowing anything of what I’d experienced—jumped on the opportunity to show me an online, twenty-minute clip of a speech given by a neuroscientist who had observed the systematic shutdown of her own body by her brain, during a paralyzing stroke. Strangely, she spoke at some depth of time perception translated by our left hemisphere into past-future linearity. Her speech later bifurcated into more of a motivational oration, supporting universal oneness and love and altruistic human behaviour for our planet, but I found the synchronicity to what I had just experienced on the road to be more than accidental. Things like this have occurred in my life quite often, and I’ve always taken care not to dismiss them as pure coincidental events. It seems lately that “signals” have been directed at me more and more often. Events are inexplicably linked, people from whom I’ve not heard in years, sometimes decades, have re-surfaced and made contact, just as I’ve thought of them or wondered about them even minutes previously. There have been at least three instances in my life in which I’ve almost willed events to happen. And they have.

Again, I cannot even begin to verbalize the connection between the ego and soul of humans, plants and minerals, time-space, universal being/existence within multiple dimensions, superstring theory, quantum physics, and philosophy. I’m that loser kid who, instead of going to his prom and livin’ la vida loca, stayed in and listened to Floyd’s “The Wall” while gobbling up philosophical ga-ga from secondhand paperback books. I have a mere Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, for Chrissakes! People like me end up unemployed, boisterous, drunk have-beens who tend to cross their arms and don smug faces in a judgmental “lemme tell you about the latest Rudolf Steiner idea on Anthroposophy and Epistemology.”

A foot note here: while briefly touching on the subject of the human will as influence and creator of actual physical events, my lovely and practical and more level-headed better half queried: “Why don’t you stop interrupting my work and use your free time and mystical mind to win us the lottery, jerky!”

I’m workin’ on that.

Post Scriptum: (Author’s Notes)


3 Responses to “Sketchy Sketches or Would You Like a Wedge of Lemon and a Pinch of Parsley with Those Fried Brains?”

  1. Slyboots 10/06/2008 at 5:22 AM #

    Funny- your division of labor sounds similar to ours. Me=pondering what probably ought to be imponderables. Him= winning the lottery (and truth be told, bringing home the lion’s share of the filthy lucre).

    What’s odd about this post is that it kind of coincides with things I’ve been writing about in a different light in my thingy that I am writing currently. Hmmmm….

  2. momentofchoice 10/06/2008 at 5:56 PM #

    haha jerky.
    i feel the powerball stars aligning, i dreamt about my bank card pin number last night. i’m sure that MUST mean something.

  3. (S)wine 10/06/2008 at 6:08 PM #

    i feel them aligning also…only for some trucker in Ohio who will end up squandering his fortune in strip joints and on call girls, all while his family is trying to fleece him for handouts. oh wait, that’s happened already. man, i have to re-calibrate this extra sensory perception thing. i need to PREDICT stuff, not recount it.

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