Study For a Running DogRat

16 Jul

Because he looks like he is perched upon a trough of some kind, or rather, a conveyor belt, which most likely leads to a blade, as in an abattoir. The machine seems to not be operating, however. The belt is immobile. He is a blur because he is running. More like creeping. I snapped the photo and the shutter was delayed, as most of them are in homemade digital photography. And so the effect is: …
There is no effect.
His thick body is reflected in the steel bars on the side of the apparatus in blue, for some reason.

We stepped out of the doorway into the wet, musty alley after the show. It smelled of rotting food and rancid water mixed with urine and vomit. From the main street we saw them scurrying toward us. They were large rats. They hurried past our feet without minding or flinching or hesitating. One of them stepped on my shoe. They were a dark grey blurry platoon. I snapped the photo and the shutter was delayed. We were waylaid. But nothing happened. The gang of rats was resolute in getting somewhere without bothering us.
–You ought to paint this.
–The scene we were just part of.
–Yea. You ought to paint that.
–I don’t paint anymore.
–I know. But you ought to.
–I don’t paint anymore. I’ve sliced all the canvases and shoved them in a dumpster at some apartment complex.
–I know. Still.

(Author’s Notes)


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