Like This

10 Nov


—I’ll do mine and you do yours, okay?
—Don’t get nosy.
—I’m not…
—You’re peeking!
—Okay, Okaaay.
She goes back to her paper. Moves the wax up the grain, then down. She colors spaces. She leaves out others. There is something calming about lines being drawn on a rainy, Saturday afternoon, tucked away from the madness and spinning wet rubber on pavement outside.
—What’d I say?
—I’m just looking to see what you’re doing.
—I’m finished. You can use some help?
My picture looks like a grotesque Picasso, only not on purpose. I was never good enough at mastering then deconstructing figures like Pablito. But who is?
—Are you really done?
—Fine, I need for you to make me a heart.
With one quick, seamless swoop she places it below my melting “Marie-Therese.”
—How’d you do that?
—The heart. How’d you do it so fast?
It takes me three lines to draw a proper heart. Start, stop. Start, stop. Start, stop. All my hearts look interrupted and connected in awkward ways, with awkward lines. In art class, years ago, I had to draw human figures using continuous and contiguous lines. I could never do it. They looked like pained, stiff mannequins.
—Like that. See?
She makes another. And another. And this is how she takes over the picture. Soon, I’m leafing through Van Gogh albums while she populates my piece with various colors and bridges and weird cloud formations, which give off strangely-shaped, frozen condensation.
—No two snowflakes look alike.
—I know.
—Do they know? Dad?
With the piece finished, she pushes it toward me for approval.
—I love it.
—You know what they are?
—Sure. Beautiful, beautiful hearts.
—Well, yes but…they’re actually Hearts for Earth.
—I see it.
—You see the oceans and the seas?
—I do.
—Do you see them in your head?
—I…yes, I see them on paper.
—But, do you see them in your head?
I have to pause and disconnect from the telescopic, narrow vision I’ve perfected over the last three decades.
—Yes, ladybug. I do. I do see them in my head.
And I do.


2 Responses to “Like This”

  1. Stef 10/11/2008 at 3:21 PM #

    Too cool!

    That one needs to go in a frame =)

    If only we could all let our imaginations run wild like kids do, the world would be a better place.

  2. Veda 11/11/2008 at 3:53 AM #

    Hey,Lx. Long time. Nice picture.

    Great story.

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