Letters, we get letters!

18 Dec

Hate mail, mostly. As you may have (or soon) noticed, all comments on the site will be moderated from here on. That isn’t to indicate that I have become a censoring despot. I’ll let anything even remotely constructive slide in here, but when the vitriol consists solely of “you fucking suck, you talentless prick” without any other sort of reference point or mention of a particular piece, well then…that just doesn’t help anyone and is likely going to start a virtual, downward-spiraling comment war in which eventually people will be calling one another (as well as me) much worse names.

Just a good word to all who leave their angered mark here: no matter what you enter in the info. fields, you leave a traceable footprint via your ISP and server, which can be followed back to your particular machine (oh, I know there are ways to piggyback or take over other networks and go through them, but if you’re troubling yourself with that kind of cover-up, you oughta be hacking into credit card accounts you un-enterprising fool) . I’m not saying that in a threatening way, just making a note that no one is completely anonymous. Add to that a fastidious, vicious, in fact quite voracious (demented?) researcher in the embodiment of my better half, and you can pretty much bet that you’ll be receiving a lovely little Xmas gift at your physical address shortly. No, not really…we’ve pledged to stop buying stuff this year.

And so then…if you’re not going to base your criticism on anything but loathing and hostility without actually pointing to at least a logical or mechanical issue with the material, the comment will not be published. If, however, you decide to back up the vitriol with examples and are willing to open up a semi-literate discussion, you’re on.

For the record, I’ve heard the various versions of “you fucking suck, you talentless prick” for so long now the only thing it elicits is a glazed-over, bored yawn. At least show some creativity via an anecdote or a little ditty.

Cheers big ears.


10 Responses to “Letters, we get letters!”

  1. maria 18/12/2008 at 5:49 PM #

    Surely this must mean you’re important. The equivalent of throwing a shoe.

  2. Doina 18/12/2008 at 6:07 PM #

    Letters, you get letters!
    I never ceased to wonder why on earth people want to fling vitriol in someone’s face — someone they do not know, only because they disagree with whatever that someone is saying or writing. Do they feel pleasure, or satisfaction, or maybe some form of anger-discharge (if there is something like this?) Or this is just plain, pure hate, manifested, expressed under the veil of anonymity, hate unleashed in this amorphous cyberspace?
    I am also certain you’ve got letters, and critiques, that enriched your horizon, your life. I like to think so.
    Good luck, happy writing,

  3. momentofchoice 18/12/2008 at 7:14 PM #

    so you comment on an article that interests you, and leave your link, which is generally how most blogs and news sites go.

    it would be nice if people recognized the difference between a legitimate comment with signature link, and spam.

    and people have the choice to not click the link, but i guess it’s just too irresistible for some and then they get all mad that you bound and gagged them and then forced them to come and read your entertaining art. damn you swine. *shakes fist* definitely warrants hate mail.

  4. momentofchoice 18/12/2008 at 7:49 PM #

    waaait are you calling me demented?

    now, what was that isp address?

  5. Slyboots 18/12/2008 at 8:26 PM #

    I just find it amusing as hell that people still operate under the illusion that they are somehow guaranteed anonymity online. Unless you are a Danish hacker working for the Russian mob, I don’t think so. And you made that point. But seriously, some people ought to learn not only manners, but that they can be held accountable for being a douche.

    They make that point big-time at my work in the new employee orientation. And that everything that we do on a work machine and network is cached and becomes part of the legal archive of the company. That is a sobering thought, and causes me a lot of time spent editing myself. Which I consider a good and healthy enterprise.

    You shall overcome!

  6. kimwells 18/12/2008 at 8:52 PM #

    AAAHHH Hate mail. I guess I only get Bored Mail nowadays.

    I toss my shoe in your general direction in amnesty for being hated. Hate is a strong emotion, better than ennui. BUt still, ban that MOFO.

    If you don’t have better critiques, get out of that glass house. :) As always, [royal] we lurve you & all yours.

  7. (S)wine 18/12/2008 at 9:17 PM #

    Maria, I’ve been playing that online game all day, by the way.

    Doina, e foarte usor sa te ascunzi sau sa fii anonim pe Internet. Multumesc mult.

    momentofchoice: yes.

    Sly, this particular mo-mo used a company in Holland, actually, but he visited from the States. Whatever, if a tech-inept person like me can track, then…we’re all in trouble.

    Kim, I’m ducking. Now, is it the Royal We or the Editorial We?

  8. Geoff 19/12/2008 at 10:13 AM #

    Alex — I hope this is proof that words DO still matter, that the hate-writers are actually reading first (I sincerely hope so), that fiction can make people angry at the same time it can change lives for the positive. I’ll always go for the positive, but words (not propaganda) — words that are written with passion and intelligence and having something to say … we need them, and we need their authors.

    Viva the Love, not Hate.

  9. Doina 19/12/2008 at 4:38 PM #

    >>Doina, e foarte usor sa te ascunzi sau sa fii anonim pe Internet. Multumesc mult.>>

    Internet a devenit, din pacate, Paradisul lasilor — lasii marunti, agresivi, cei care nu au nimic de spus constructiv, care scuipa venin de dragul scuipatului si al veninului.

    Alex, ai un stil de scris original, “intriguing,” si eu am nevoie de ceva mai mult timp (si sa-mi reinstalez computerul acasa) sa citesc in liniste ceea ce ai pus in blog. Ma bucur enorm cind intalnesc romani talentati, creatori (sau creativi?).

    I subscribe to Geoff’s post, especially the paragraph: >>words that are written with passion and intelligence and having something to say … we need them, and we need their authors.>>

    Once again, Alex, good luck to you,
    Doina of New York

  10. (S)wine 24/12/2008 at 9:16 AM #

    Multumesc mult.

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