Summersault or Lenny (of mice and men)

9 Mar

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—after this we’ll meet in Bruges or Aalst or Brussels and have some chocolates and a Tuborg or two. if ya want you can have a girl.
—sure. one of them nice ones. from the windows.
—or profiteroles. better than a girl.
—or those.
—yea. and then?
—and then we go to Toledo and take care of some things. sharpen knives.
—no yous fuckin retard. Spain.
—yea oh. let my love open the door.
—what yea? you have no idea what i mean, yous fuckin shit.
—yous imbecile.
—no i know…
—what the fuck do you know geography yous fuckin alien?
—i mean what you said, Harry…
—no, i mean, i know. Pete Townsend Harry.
—jaysus. what in fuck am i gonna do withchyous?
—oh fucksakes. pay the fuckin tab. short bus fuckin retard fuck. let’s go. look there.
—there. look. look.


One Response to “Summersault or Lenny (of mice and men)”

  1. (S)wine 09/03/2009 at 2:24 PM #

    Sorry to Matt. I deleted the original post and Matt’s comment went w/it because that’s how I roll technically. But he had a good idea: this post ought to be screamed at the top of one’s lungs. He said it better, though. I suck at re-telling stories.

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