On the Wagon

31 Mar

seven days dry now
that’s good right?
no that’s horrible awful
what’s that on the wagon or off?
what they say
i don’t know on or off
i once fell off the wagon in my father’s village some peasant with dentures picked me up from the cooperative i was bringing half a kilogram of flour to my grandmother and this bloody peasant with dentures picked me up and played a joke on me halfway he turned and looked at me and removed his false teeth i thought it was the devil and fell off the wagon on my ass in the mud in the middle of the road
the devil
the best thing the devil ever did was convince us he existed
so now you’re on seven days
with nothing not even a fragment not even a word dry dry dry
it’ll come you’re just blocked
no i think i’ve reached the end there’s no more to say
that’s good as well i wish more people realized that and stopped altogether
you know Papa tried walking into the propeller on the tarmac when they were bringing him back from Mayo in Rochester
did he now
he had run out of words as well
it’s an awful way to go sliced like that
it’s good only on herbs not flesh
i have sharp knives long nights and no more words
it’s a good start


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