skin diver

1 Jul

they nailed a thick tree branch onto a giant board made of wood slats stuck to a brick wall in an abandoned alley strewn with graffiti.
and then they painted the dead limb green. the color of freedom, it said in white, in Farsi just next to it on the board.
a crowd gathered flashing peace signs.
and then another crowd, except the new mob was dancing and celebrating some dead singer who didn’t mean much to the first crowd.
the new mob, moving backwards.
the new mob, smiling.
the new mob.
two swarms of humans, resolute in their missions, cannibalized one another seamlessly, peacefully.
it was strange…the contradiction of all of it. energy flowing in separate directions.
ying-yang Tao.
and some of us moving through it like a skin diver slicing through a school of mullet
not documenting anything.


One Response to “skin diver”

  1. daydreamsdandelions 05/07/2009 at 8:52 PM #

    I liked this. I currently have a major love/hate thing with MJ. I would be in a third mob of dancers w/ my own music. I am not currently sure what I’d be dancing for– love or hate.

    It’s kind of weird to be (t)here, though.

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