raiding the dumpsters

2 Jul

now it’s a race: who can come up with the most inventive gimmicks to stay afloat the tepid, sewage waste overflowing the canals.
scoundrels and amoebae, like rats twisting their greasy moustachios, planning out a coup.
soldier ants eviscerating the Queen Bee and vice versa.
everyone is doing it so why can’t we?
the ones who spin tales are at fault as well.
some, more equal than others, are as famous for their desire to stay anonymous as their fictitious stories.
the rest (less equal than some) are a frenzied mob caught in a ponzi scheme, holding sheets of paper over their heads to protect soft tissue from being crushed by crumbling brick and mortar as they all merrily roll through the drive-thru on the weekends, waiting for their order of buttered biscuits, gravy, and grits.


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