train to Marasesti

8 Jul

we’re going to go see him lying in a parlour dead my father said and he cut into his schnitzel with a dull knife which scraped the bottom of the plate screeching like un-serviced car rotors and disks. the old radio on the shelf was warming up. its lamps were coming to life crackling and popping like cockroaches under the sole of your boot.
we’ll take the train out to Marasesti.
is that where the famous big tomb is i asked.
it’s a memorial. to the unknown soldier who fell in world war two. eat your green beans.
can we have bread there. from that bakery i asked.
if they have pretzels maybe we’ll get two.
eat your green beans.
eat your green beans for chrissakes.
will we have our own compartment then. on the train.
my father looked up from his plate. he was wiping down the grease with a chunk of bread brown mostly from the slightly burnt crust.
will we pass by that statue on that long bridge.
no. that’s going out toward Mamaia. toward the beach. finish it all.
how long will he be lying there.
i don’t know. a day.
if they just let him lie there won’t he smell.
no. he’s embalmed.
oh. dad.
finish it.
can i sleep with you in your room. after.
don’t tell me you’re scared.
i’m not.
you sure about that.
i’m sure.
if you clean your plate then. you can sleep in my room if you clean your plate.
all right.


2 Responses to “train to Marasesti”

  1. brandon 08/07/2009 at 12:51 PM #

    we drove through marasesti on the way to galati after visiting the monasteries, but i don’t remember stopping to see anything. i used to have an old pack of marasesti smokes. deadly. i’m sure that’s what killed most of the soldiers.

  2. (S)wine 08/07/2009 at 1:35 PM #

    those things were killer for sure. Kent was big there in the 70s. you could get anything done w/a carton of Kent as a bribe. Kent and Johnnie Walker got you the moon.

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