lazy sunday

24 Jan

at 6 am
we recharge with
a steaming pot of coffee
slightly spiked with irish whisky
bill evans at the vanguard in 1961
various macbooks notebooks novels
the art section of the times
an occasional glance across the wooden coffee table
to see what the other is reading
warm socks blankets
surveying the apartment:
one dirty glass of wine–
a trickle of pinot grigio attracting two fruit flies
various novels in various stages
of being read donning
home made bookmarks
colored and adorned with art by our 5 year old
three squashed capers on a white napkin–
fugitives from last night’s smoked salmon entree
now miles is kind of blue
now billie sings about her man
now art blakey sends messages
early morning rolls into late morning rolls into lunch
rolls into nap rolls into late afternoon rolls into evening
rolls into night rolls into
the reality of another week at the Machine.

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