our babies

26 Jan
there’s this old photo of coppola
a black and white image
of him holding a weapon to his temple
it was snapped during the production of apocalypse
after the studio cut funding
and he put up his entire SavingsHouseAssets
to make the film
i dig it
because it’s the complete and simple truth
it’s the price independence carries
independent film
independent writing
independent art
independent music
It always feels like this photo of francis
every little thing about creating it
massaging it
trying to sell it
or just give it away
it’s excruciating at times
you want to eviscerate it in the bloodiest way possible
and then turn the blade on your flesh
it consumes you to the bone
it may carry freedom
and its elasticity may be attractive
and it may strike gold
but it always comes
alongside of a pistol
just in case
you want to pull
the emergency rip chord
and stop the fucking train

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