immovable feast

7 Feb

hemingway was so poor in paris in the 20s
that he’d avoid walking certain boulevards
because of the wonderful smell of food
emanating from boulangeries or cafés
hunger was good discipline
he said and wrote
and if you ever try it
or are forced to it by circumstances
you’ll concur
bukowski was so poor most of his life
the only thing he ate each day
was a five-cent Payday candy bar
he used to laugh about the irony of the name
hunger was good discipline for him as well
he wrote and drank with the ferocity of an insane lion
mauling and eviscerating everything on the serengeti

unequivocal freezing cold brings lucidity and clarity
i’ve often found
during the various electric outages in my flat in the winter
or the endless walks in the high, soft snow
just after a maelstrom
even if the enlightenment itself
comes with the heavy price of losing sanity
there is a kind of salvation
in the simple truth that is yielded
or extracted from ice and frost
forming on your bones
the kind of deliverance that makes only sense
here and now in this conscious time
from a complex-thinking animal
with a finite span of life
not some fantastic mystical idea
of a magical religious afterlife


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