documenting the demise of the great american empire from the road (4)

3 Mar

photo: James Reeves via Kinosport

having a here time
wish you were great

this is what i wrote back home on a postcard
which we mailed from kansas
valeriu shook his head and said i would be disowned
and then we took a look around at what we had left
and what we’d been living on
and both laughed and lit up stale camels that tasted like fishermen’s boots
we decided to push up into nebraska
somewhere around north platte
we picked up a midget hitchhiker with large thumbs who played the jew harp
she was a battered mother of two who had spent her life in the mexican circus
i performed with lobster boy she said
my kids are normal jesus is lord
she kept saying that
jesus is lord praise jesus yes jesus
we dropped her off at a trailer park in brighton
just outside of denver
and took a small bed bug infested motel room off I-76
it was a cheap place used hourly by truckers and prostitutes
but we fell asleep with blaring static on the tv
drowning out the action all around
in the morning for breakfast we cooked chef boyardee ravioli
on the electric portable burner we had brought
and drank golden anniversary beer from an opened can
arizona state is playing arizona tonight valeriu said
oh yea
lute olson going up against bill frieder


One Response to “documenting the demise of the great american empire from the road (4)”

  1. Geoff 03/03/2010 at 10:19 AM #

    There’s a novel within this compact piece of writing. The characters are alive — for better or worse.

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