preacher man

15 Mar

photo: James Reeves

running back home at 75 with giant trucks on my bumper
don’t text and drive
don’t drink and drive
don’t speed thru work zones
and then a gigantic billboard next to a Hooters restaurant
asks me if i have found Jesus and what would He do
he’s in there eating wings i yell back
but the prodigious announcement
is already receding into my rearview
inside the cabin i switch over to the a.m.
and there’s Michael Savage rambling about morality
gambling prostitution pornography on demand
in hotel rooms on the Internet at work
rushing through Mebane, North Carolina
slicing down the middle of truck stops
Flying J restaurants gas stations ($2.71/gallon),
retail outlets and broken down vehicles
with towels hung from the side mirrors
Savage fades out into a an a(n) universe of static
dissolves to the aggressive voice of a Sunday preacher
barking orders commandments advice about temptation
this seems to be a big subject
at least with Christianity
the Devil don’t care if you’re white black Chinese or what
the Devil hates you

he squalls out of the speakers
at seventy-five miles per hour
quickly moving through amplitude modulated airspace
his sermon becomes snarled with a Mexican soccer match
they both give way to white noise
i fly out of Mebane into Burlington
heading quickly for a nasty spring storm
offering up ominous clouds mixed with rainbows


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