of blood suckers and legend

1 Apr

i have to sit through conversations upon conversations
about vampires
this seems to be the common bond i share with americans
when they find out i’m a romanian immigrant
aha, they say, Dracula!
as if there’s any possible connection between who i am
and a mythical literary character
invented by an irishman in 1897
i take care to point that out every time
and give a bit of history on the short little tyrant
on which this insufferable legacy is based
i take care to point out that as a boy
i visited Vlad Tepes’ castle
and that seems to fascinate americans
you actually were in Dracula’s dwelling, they say admiringly
yes but he wasn’t a vampire, just a bloody despot
who impaled people at will
it must’ve been creepy, they say, to actually be in a vampire’s castle
americans don’t seem to hear or understand history too well
the lines between reality and make believe have long ago disappeared
for this country
it’s evident in the loop of mistakes, mis-steps, and mis-fortunes it has lately endured
it wasn’t creepy, i tell them
just cold and damp
the usual business you expect from a 500 year old structure
and by the way, i say, it’s up for sale, if you’re interested
(it really is)
oh no no no
i couldn’t live in a vampire’s castle
that’d be just…
yes. creepy.


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