The Company You Keep

1 Apr

Last I heard of Sergei, he had a brand new shiny sparkly set of teeth and was working for Uncle Boris, which means that by now ol’ Serge is decomposing nicely and properly, chopped up in small cubes, under Cousin Vanya’s outhouse somewhere in the Caucasus. I’m not exaggerating. Sergei may have been a tough son of a bitch, but he had a propensity for babbling, and for A-Ha’s “Take on Me.” And that kind of chatter, coupled with his musical taste doesn’t do you any good if you’re gonna work with Ukrainians for a living. The weak side in question came out often to me, usually after a heavy round of imbibing in potato juice and a few packs of Marlboro Reds.
“Listen man, they don’t make myoosic like this anymore,” he’d say and plop on that insufferable tune from that insufferable Scandinavian band.
“And it’s a good fuckin’ thing.”
But he was always too drunk to take up a debate on the total stock of music morphemes.
“I named my dog after Winston Churchill, man. You understand?”
You ask me, you’re looking for much trouble if you divulge private shit like this under the influence. I can’t tell you for sure Sergei’s fate, but if you play the percentages, they don’t look too appetizing.
Average Russian male life expectancy in 1991 was 53 years of age. Ol’ Serge was pushing 50 when he decided to work collections for Uncle Boris.


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