words for guns

10 Jun

i read DeBenedictis in the toilet
all the way through
i sat on the seat so long
my legs lost blood and got stiff
all good words must be read in the head
in the dead of winter
with the heat turned off
stark naked
at six in the morning
with no one bothering you
no one pulling at your trousers
no one asking for you to make breakfast
all good words must be read in the head
with three fingers of whisky in a rocks glass
balancing on the edge of the counter
just above the toilet paper holder
later in the afternoon
i spilled gin on DeBenedictis’ chapbook
but only a little
and nothing was lost
in fact maybe something was gained
some other layer of bile was added
(like sprinkling fresh herbs)
onto the blood and guts
that went into the writing
some words are like guns
and they need to be read alone
against the wall
without grandiose proclamations
without allegiance to anything
before they fire
at your skull
one last time

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