life is good

11 Jun

i despise people who slap this delusional motto all over their cars
their t shirts
their conversations
life is good it’s all good
as a seven year old boy is hanged by the Taliban for espionage
as a young woman is stoned to death in front of a crowd
for showing a bit of leg
(at the university of tehran if you’re a woman
and if you’re caught running to a class
you can go to prison for violating the law)
life is good
as a catholic priest makes close friends with his altar boys
as the hutus chop up the tutsis
or the tutsis dice up the hutus

i drove behind this comfortable upper class insect
with this phrase in large bold letters on the spare tire cover of her shiny SUV
for almost two miles
punching me in the jaw over and over in insulting mockery
and for almost two miles i was enraged
as i watched her dial numbers on her iPhone
sipping from an extra tall late macchiato something something something
and then it subsided
and the anger became futility
and the futility gave way to frustration
which then manifested itself in the form of a yellow puss
leaking into my right eye

and life was good
looking through all that vitreous


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