the king wears a pink bathrobe

11 Jun

if i know you from other places other pauses other bus stops in my life
i don’t want to see you at the parimutuel window laying down
your andrew jackson on 8-5 odds on my horse
if i know you from dark stretches and hard times in hollywood
i don’t want to explain how i’ve arrived here on this other coast
if i know you because you read my words
i don’t want to deconstruct my feeble little houses of cards
with futile explanations so you can understand me
if we’ve worked on the abattoir line together
slicing off animal parts to be re-assembled into chicken nuggets
i don’t want to have a drink or five with you on your day off
if i’ve cut with you around you through you into you
i expect to find you on the other side bandaged up waiting to throw a left hook
straight up into my kisser pow to the moon alice
one of these days to the moon
i should do this i should do that i should appear with my hair combed to the side
and my account perfectly balanced
i should eat steamed greens grown in my own garden from my own clean soil
but instead
at mid day
i will walk out of this bloody factory a tenner in hand
and lay down the entire cursed thing on a pony in the fifth
and hope for the triple exacta


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