news of the world

20 Jun

i find out about the world’s atrocities at five in the morning
madness perpetuated overnight undernight in between night
while you were sleeping…
it’s not by choice
it’s the only chunk of time i have free to catch up on the insanity of this planet
it’s not pleasant waking up to carnage
good and bad roll along indiscriminately
father’s day car bombs going off in Iraq Manute Bol has died
Lakers win the championship Cameroon is out BP is drowning in their black gold
(so are we)
local crime stats go up a famous band played down the street
Toy Story is playing at the local multiplex
it will be a scorcher to-day
my little girl is making pancakes for me as soon as she wakes up
fifteen more bodies have been found in Juarez all decapitated
you get the drill
the absurdity of what goes on around me around all of us
and the choices we all make to either know it all or just the pretty parts
is staggering and overwhelming
there will never be a time of lucid contemplation for me
or finding the secret of smooth navigation
but it’s all right i understand all that
roads are not always paved and even if they are
there is no money to fill up the potholes
one must have either a great suspension system
or immeasurable driving skills to get around the craters


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