West Coast

27 Jun

man i never dug that west coast jazz
that take 5 junk
that dave brubeck shit
except for Chet you know Chet
THE Chet
Chet was los fucking angeles man
he was the product of the sun and beach
he was for jazz what the beach boys were for rock and roll
and all the east coasters they gave Chet the business
only they were stupid man
Chet was a product of their culture
and so anyway
hey did i ever tell you the time i got swindled by Chet
oh man this was good
this was when grass was thirty dollars a kilo
we was at musso and frank’s and in walks Chet
and nobody knew who he was but i did
i knew Chet you know he was unadaptable to army life
anyway so he walks in and comes straight at us
only no one knew who he was
he had a mustache then
comes over puts his skinny arms around me
gives a big big hug says to me man i’m so depressed man
i can’t even go down to the washroom and do my business in the morning right
all’s he needed was fifty bucks
and i gave it to him
and after he says to me he says
so how was i? was i good?
i says yes yes you were
and he says goddamn i shoulda been a actor
and he shoulda
but he was Chet and i didn’t give a shit
i didn’t care that i was manipulated
Chet was Chet and when Chet needed fifty bucks to go cop
i didn’t feel bad for givin it
and that’s how i got swindled by Chet
but hell you know
he got hisself out of the army with an honorable discharge
or whatever the hell they call it
even though they almost buzzed his brains
he conned hisself out of that shit
and there it is
and now i gotta go catch the film playing at astoria
all the fine young cannibals
with robert wagner and that chick who drowned
remember that one
what kind of wood don’t float the joke goes
yea i know it’s mean


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