6 Jul

we stood in gridlocked traffic
foot and car
and i banged on the steering wheel
for being suckered into the same illusion
yet another year
i watched people with lawn chairs folded under their arms
and coolers and blankets and smiling children
past their bedtimes
walk through jammed streets
like automatons being fed thick corn syrup
like good citizens good patriots true to country and duty
like confused herds lining up for the abattoir conveyor belts
the definition of insanity year after year
my sleepy kid was attempting to read a book in the dark
in the back seat
you’ll ruin your eyes like your father has
i told her
(i did the same thing as a child only under a blanket
trying to chase away the real-life demons)
she said mhm and kept on going until i finally clicked on the dome light
we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon
some people pushing kids in strollers cut through in front of us
and spontaneously began chanting U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A
we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon
and there it was the Kool-Aid drinkers run amok
this country is a sweetened product direct from Madison Avenue
every year it’s pumped with additives and preservatives
re-packaged and re-sold to all of us: new and improved
(as if it were possible for both to co-exist in the same sentence)
when in fact
it has expired a long time ago


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