In Four-Four

7 Jul

man people in this country have lost their rhythm
it’s evident in everything they do
walk talk move drive think speak
all they want now is machine manufactured gooey velveeta
shoved down through a funnel
kicking and screaming i see them go down
i see this country go down
enveloped in a quickly-dissipating misty cloud of bravado
(an empire in decline is always a loud empire in decline)
and all i can do is laugh at the ignorance
of its stubborn march head on into a tidal wave of either innovation
or natural disintegration
while shaking fists and making threats
man people in this country
have never really found the rhythm of half a century ago
they are melancholic
they are ill-educated
they are aggressive
they own firearms SUVs boats jet skis
and wrap themselves around the stars and stripes
carrying copies of the constitution in their back pockets (the saps!)
man people in this country couldn’t hang with a 4/4 chart
if their lives depended on it
the kick would be all over the place
and crashes would come in at obtuse times
like schizophrenic temper tantrums
man these people don’t know nothin’ about nothin’
and what’s worse
they don’t wanna


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