afternoon into night

13 Jul

life starts after 1730
she comes in drops off files folders envelopes totes
she sheds her work skin her work clothes her work hair
i’ve got old big band blaring out of the speakers
earl hines ernie wilkins benny goodman tommy dorsey chick webb gene krupa
old old stuff mono stuff stuff coming out of one channel
sometimes cuban stuff javier cugat celia cruz tito-bandito
we shut down everything electronic: phones computers robots
i make our favourite cocktails you know what they are
they have spanish olives twisting and spinning round like slick barrels
she hashes out the politics of work and we both drain the juice slowly
we get soft in the muscle tissues and the world is right again
it’s not really but it is temporarily because the centuries are obliterated
if you exercise your free will (remember O’Brien and his four fingers)
i read her parts of my novel parts of my stories parts of parts
i hold court on hard bop bebop dizzy and salt peanuts
and she indulges me lets me expostulate on my amateurish hypotheses
we slide into evening which slides seamlessly into the night
it’s cruel and it has sharp incisors
but most times we don’t care we have thick skin
equally spiky knives and machetes
and gin
and so we win


2 Responses to “afternoon into night”

  1. mrs. swine 14/07/2010 at 10:57 AM #

    likes this.

  2. Lx 14/07/2010 at 1:18 PM #

    can you spare one of your four eyes? i really need a good one to go with my left.

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