6 Aug

–I think you mean unease
–No. It’s just like that. Just like I wrote it.
–Well. You’re the one with the college education.
The brothers had gone there to die. And to hash out ideas.
–Cirque de Legume. In which a woman seductively eats onions, leeks, beetroots. In a sexy, but a friendly way. You know?
–It seems good to be a gorilla.
Taken individually, one without the company of the other, the men were insupportable. Insufferable. And incomprehensible. Each without his brother was a stray piece of a jigsaw; awkward and abrupt. Obscene. They had gone to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to finish out their lives. They each craved a single bed and some blank time. Off highway 81 it’s as if they threw a stone which landed in Mechanicsburg. So that’s where they settled. They also both liked the name of the town. It elicited a misdirected, obtuse comfort that their car would always be in good running order.
–Not too far up the road is where that guy blew off his head in front of the cameras.
–Hey man, nice shot.
–In Harrisburg, yes.
–There’s a good story there.
–We could manufacture a right chopstick and a left chopstick.
–You mean right and left-handed chopsticks?
–No. Just a right one and a left one.
–What difference would it make? They’d both be the same.
–The difference is we tell them one is left and the other right.
–We label them. They wouldn’t even have to be different. We’d just label them: L and R.
–They could at least have a slight curve to them. You know like bow-legged or something. Curved in to a point. Then you could justify a right and a left chopstick.
–You could justify anything, as long as you’re the first to bring it out. People won’t care about the logic. You just tell them: this is a left chopstick and this is a right chopstick. And you sell them that. People don’t have logic. You make it for them.
–By the way, I still think it’s unease. But, like I say you’re the one with the university degree.
Blank time.
One of the brothers told a story about an obese man in a diner who always ordered as two persons. “We” are going to have the coffee and the toast. “We” are also going to have a side of scrapple.
–Scrapple? They only have scrapple in Maryland.
–Pennsylvania is not that far off.
One of the brothers told a story about a next door neighbour who would sneak out in the evening into his garden and watch his wife disrobe in their bedroom. It was a bizarre type of voyeurism.
–And then what would happen?
–This is the strangest part. He’d go in and spray insecticide out of a can, all along the baseboard.
–For ants, like?
–Strange, isn’t it.
Blank time and ideas. This is what the brothers had come to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania for. A single bed in a single, detached house.
They were both coming to the very end of a story.


3 Responses to “Dis-ease”

  1. valerie 06/08/2010 at 9:38 AM #

    virginia = scrapple

    oh, yes ;) we do love the pig parts.

  2. vibes01 06/08/2010 at 11:11 AM #

    i would buy those chop sticks

  3. Lx 07/08/2010 at 7:05 AM #

    they would curve in like to make it easier bow-legged chopsticks i likes Val: scrapple from a lady that looks like Flo at a joint called The Waffle House at 3 in the am…that’s livin baby!

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