God is a Cosmonaut

13 Sep

(but what if He was?)
racing through a cloud of machines
slicing in and out of pockets of humidity
carving out a small space to inhabit then abandon for a better spot
moving fast enough for the upholstery inside the car
to rip from its seams slowly
i take my eyes off the road and hurl them up
toward the cerulean lid bearing down on all of us
this afternoon it’s pockmarked with cotton candy clouds
and as I peer at it through amber lenses
it changes shades and mashes down its curvaceous shape into a weird parabola
based on my instantaneous position
then throws at me the characters from Guernica
excises them and presents them to me one by one
as if they were cut-outs that a child might have extracted herself
being part of an inconsequential man-made momentum
hurling me toward a temporary goal at what I perceive is high speed
leaves me melancholic and un-satisfied (and pissed with myself for feeling either)
and then I laugh at the preposterous idea of a space-travelling God
wearing a helmet


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