14 Sep

the earliest recollection
I have of music
is sitting at my mother’s feet
underneath the piano
watching the soles of her shoes
rise and fall
with the pedals
later came the names that stuck:
von Karajan conducts the such and such Philharmonic…
Stravinsky, Haydn, Lucchesi, Chimarosa…
I loathed classical music as a boy
it came at me in a wave of minor chords
and to this day minors hurt my ear
(it’s why I cannot listen to Jeff Buckley)
when I finally discovered the dynamics of Beethoven
the genius of Mozart
and the devotion and faith of Bach
I realized how much I hated waltzes
waltzes are the pop music of classical music
human brains understand one-two-three; one-two-three
and clap accordingly like sheep
we’re good at that
Jazz came much later
it was ushered in by the lions
and although the earth is littered with their carcasses
the music never went back out the door
I kept it locked in
windows down
from time to time I walked it on a leash out back
to this day it likes the sun
and the sparse grass on the teeny property we have


3 Responses to “MahlerMozartMireilleMathieu”

  1. Ava Joe 14/09/2010 at 11:58 AM #

    This is great. However, I’m saddened that you ripped on Jeff Buckley. It will always be “too soon” in my book.

  2. Lx 14/09/2010 at 12:01 PM #

    “I” didn’t rip on Buckley. But coincidentally it happens I cannot listen to his stuff. Your opinion, however, is shared by pretty much everyone I’ve ever met so…but anyway, not being able to read someone or listen to him doesn’t mean he/she sucks right?

  3. ~otto~ 15/09/2010 at 10:06 PM #

    Jazz, yes.

    I love classical poorly and from afar but one day …

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