everyone gets a second act

29 Apr

and when there was nothing left
standing at the imaginary line delineating the imaginary end of the world
i became a pugilist
i was living in a cardboard box in elwood park in amarillo texas
the owner of a local gym let me come in free of charge and go twenty minutes with a heavy bag
and twenty minutes with a speed bag
in exchange for his kindness
after each session he expected me to listen to his discourse on god and saving myself
my neck ached and so did my calves
and this man showed me how to deliver punches by pronating my hips first
then following up with the shoulder the arm the fist
and do i want to be saved?
my hips ached and so did my triceps
i left after the fifth session during which he outlined all my sins
i heard that sixty-five miles west in tucumcari new mexico
you could buy a large kachina doll from an old indian for twenty dollars


One Response to “everyone gets a second act”

  1. DAMM 29/04/2011 at 2:11 PM #

    Hmmm I like it. The implications really work. Nice interaction between voices..cool.

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