Kite Flyers

3 May

Da, have you ever flown a kite?

Have you ever flown a kite?
Yes. When I was a boy. A few times. At the seaside mainly. Mamaia.
Oh…that’s just…it’s where I was. Nothing. You need wind. Lots and lots of wind.
What’s it like?
Flying a kite? What’s it like? It’s…I don’t know…like…having a dog on a leash. Kind of. He pulls. He’s…mischievous. Like something crazy alive.
Is he a scoundrel?
A scoundrel dog on a leash?
He pulls at you all the time. He wants to get away from you. Run. Play up there. He goes side to side like. You have to hold him steady, give him air…
Give him air?
You pull down on the string, like…you pull his chest down into the wind stream, then he puffs it up and the air pushes him, and you give him some lead…
Lead? Like the metal?
No, lead…more line, you let more line slip through your fingers, and he goes higher. Like fishing, but in reverse. Instead of pulling and giving him lead so you can pull again and get the fish closer, with the kite you pull, then give him more string… let him soar a few feet higher.
The dog?
Yes, the dog.
The kitedog.
I like it. It’s strange. He pulls at you all the time. But never with the same strength. Sometimes he lets up, other times he really wants to go. It’s a good feeling. He’s yours if you want him.
The kitedog?
Yes, He’s yours. You can make him do things. Tell him to go here, there.
Does he ever want to play?
Badly. And all the time. You have to hold on to him though otherwise you lose him. He’s a free spirit that kitedog.
Can you help me fly a kite?

Can you help me fly one?
A kitedog?
Yes. But…maybe we get a small one at first. I have small hands.
Sure. We’ll need some wind and a huge, open space.
No rain.
No rain.
When kitedogs get wet from the rain, are they smelly?
And how.
Do you wash him in the bathtub?
With lots of suds.



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