Summer time

5 Jun

I take my kid to a fancy pool
we crash it we don’t belong there
we don’t live there to have the privilege
but the door stays unlocked and nobody checks anything
it’s a high end place
water is pristine blue green
pool is nearly olympic size
fancy chaises and tables with large umbrellas
landscaping to make you think
you’re in Negril or someplace like that
we walk in
the place is overflowing with college students
mostly women in bikinis and tattoos
all smoking their light ciggies
most drinking cheap beer out of colorful cans
in the water
laughing hysterically
looking scoping checking out through sunglasses
texting sending photos from their phones
making plans for the night
loudly loudly LOUDLY
a few young guys show up
a couple of cases of Miller High Life
under their arms
it’s the high life baby!
at the pool on Saturday afternoon
in the south of the United States of America
they set up some weird bocci-like game
two ramp-like boards with a hole cut in the middle
about 20 yards apart from one another
two teams of two players chucking bean sacks
trying to squeeze the projectile through the hole
in the ramp
great ruckus lots of laughter
smoking drinking
chippies checking out the guys
guys checking out the chippies
guys checking me out for possible competition
but no
I’m safe; 42 year old father with a small daughter
sitting in the corner at a table
my kid explains the point of the game to me
I’ve never seen this game before
but I’m suddenly melancholic for a round of bocci
on the beach like in the old country
and an armful of steamed corn on the cob
sold by gypsies out of large buckets
college students are getting drunk now
more bold (with their stares at the girls)
language heats up
loud loud LOUD
my kid plays around in the shallow end
she doesn’t seem to hear the escalating madness
something else is going down
there is a gay couple with a tween daughter
trying to enjoy their day
something is happening but I can’t identify for sure
the daughter is very upset
some college students have been shooting
nasty stares at both of her mothers
may have even said something to her in the water
I can’t figure it out for sure
nor am I straining to get the whole story
but the girl is visibly upset
and her mothers sit her down and talk with her
I hear things like: people always judge
don’t let that bother you
it’s all right they’re just words
we love you we love you we love you

finally I get my kid going
students all around are getting bolder
with every swig of cheap green beer
is what does it for me
apparently this is a pick up line
to one of the girls laying out
I take my kid out and away from there
wondering if I ever came across that way
to someone to families to children
years ago when I was studying at university
I don’t think so but I can’t be sure
I always kept things to myself
and always tried to be respectful
especially around children
but I can’t be sure


2 Responses to “Summer time”

  1. Nancy 05/06/2011 at 12:03 PM #

    Nice, vivid! This reminded me of a vacation we took up north, and there was this large, multi-gen portuguese family we saw every day at the pool. The parent & grandparent generations moved constantly and fluidly between portuguese and english in their conversation, but the younger ones, mostly a bunch of teenage or young-20s boys, spoke only a very profane English, dropping a few f-bombs in every sentence. I was there with Anthony and an even younger girl of the family. Finally the girl’s mom yelled at the worst offender – all the boys were hanging out in the jacuzzi end of the pool near us. One of the other boys looked at me and said (sincerely?), “I’m sorry, ma’am. My cousin’s got a fuckin dirty mouth.”

  2. Lx 13/06/2011 at 8:31 AM #

    And he does.

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