24 Aug

once in Cleveland i watched a set of mahogany French doors swing open
and a confused mass of smokers squeezed its way out with misdirected urgency
wide eyed fresh faced and not so fresh faced leather skinned and not so tanned
mad men young men geriatrics with Rolex watches and crisp kerchiefs in suit pockets
and in-betweeners: functionaries secretaries go-fers mail room clerks boy and girl Fridays
(there was some sort of tobacco conference going on)
they preceded the cloud of blue intoxicating smoke
like a disjointed tractor trailer doused in caked horseshit
pushing black exhaust through its chrome pipes
busting through the gates of Dante’s fifth: Wrath and Sullenness
fused grotesquely like two halves of leftover soap squeezed into an irregular brick

and so it was the same again when the earth shook
a mild gentle dull rocking
nothing big just a little stretch and pull
we came out confused bemused
dried crust of afternoon bored sleep forming at the corners of the eyes
we trickled out to the sway of the building
squeaking cracking moaning
somebody oil this fucking thing already!
we made our way past lucent ads for this and that new and improved
documenting thoroughly our perceived demise via electronic devices
vanishing into the gullet of a holographic Jean Baudrillard


2 Responses to “Herd”

  1. gamefaced 25/08/2011 at 1:49 PM #

    if celltowers fail post earthquake but i don’t own a cellphone, did the earth really quake?

  2. Lx 26/08/2011 at 9:18 AM #

    No. It’s only legit if you see it on Twitter.

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