17 Feb

Just got word of a handful of things that will be published very close together in March. I hope you won’t be sick of me; it just so happens to have aligned that way.

Plus, I have a review on The Lit Pub coming up mid-month on Graham Swift’s “Waterland.” Swift’s novel was the most brilliant thing I read in 2011 and I was left, at times, speechless and breathless reading this masterpiece. Among others, Swift wrote “Last Orders” for which he got the Man Booker Prize. A fantastic film version has been made of Last Orders, starring Michael Caine, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins, and a handful of others; highly recommended if you haven’t yet seen it.

Plus, I don’t really consider myself a “poet” as I’m really not trained in the history and mechanics of writing poetry, but a new, international magazine called “Merida” is publishing a prose/poem called “Kid” in mid-March. I am beyond grateful for that. I’ll include links as these pieces begin to appear.

And a new ‘zine is about to hit the scene (hey, that rhymes…I MAY be a poet after all); I hope you all check it out and some of you who write, submit. It’s slated to launch March 1st and it’s called “Jumping Blue Gods.” I have a short piece in there, as well.

Finally, on the music front, I’m playing Monday at The Blue Note in Durham, NC with Ben Palmer’s Jazz Jam from 7pm-11pm. If you’re local, come out and I’ll tell you some bad knock-knock jokes I just learned from my 8 yr. old daughter. We’ll drink whisky and go home late.


One Response to “Overload?”

  1. Ava Joe 17/02/2012 at 11:55 AM #

    Thanks for the plug, pal! Have a super duper gig. Wish I could be there to hear the knock knock jokes. They’re always funnier with whiskey on board.


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