19 Mar

My review of Graham Swift’s “Waterland” is here at The Lit Pub. This was the best book I read in 2011 (it was written in 1983, and as usual I come to good things way late). It seems the last few months people are sending me their novels for review all the time and, while I do appreciate the wonderful gestures, I have very limited windows for reading and writing. Not to mention, there’s no guarantee I’ll necessarily like them. But that’s how it goes, doesn’t it? That’s the chance we all take when we manufacture art. And so it goes.

The next novel I picked up after “Waterland” was Andrei Makine’s “The Life of an Unknown Man.”  This little book blew me away in yet another direction; it amazes me how brilliantly world class writers seem to compress time and introduce dynamics within a novel, without sacrificing any one thing. Works like that energize and inspire me, though (as I mention in the “Waterland” review) at times severely depress me.

I’m tackling a beast of a book currently, slated to be reviewed on The Lit Pub as well. It’s this and it’s quite a difficult read, though much enlightening. It’s as if Sartre is acting as my analyst. I feel I should pay his estate when I’m done with it, for it’s making me take a look at my own personality and my own issues…my own theft (and lack of remorse for it).

Stay tuned.


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