Too Many Weeks in Rehab

27 Mar

My flash piece “Nth Week in Rehab” is now alive and kicking at the marvelous publication that is Bong Is Bard. Many thanks to editor/writer/columnist Valerie Walter who never ceases to amaze me with her choices for material for the site. The piece is a companion story to my previously published flash “4th Week in Rehab.” You can find them both here, if you’re interested in how they flow together. I’ve always been asked to explain myself when these types of pieces were read by people, and I could never find the right answers for them. So I no longer elaborate. People will either enjoy them or be repulsed by them. If there are any in between…well that’s swell with me. I will say this, however: I’ve always found it amusing that in order to conquer one addiction (usually to one or more substances), one is made to believe and forced to swallow another addiction (religion). The latter, historically, has always been the more deadly and dangerous.


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