“God Thinks This Stinks”

14 May

My short piece “A Brief History of John 3:16” now lives here, at On Barcelona. Many thanks to editor Halvard Johnson who kindly solicited this story. We bounced around an idea for something else, but eventually he shot it down and took this particular one. I no longer watch sporting events on television, but all throughout the 80s I remember the freak with the rainbow-colored wig holding his idiotic signs at what seemed the most important events. And, although quite curious at what exactly John 3:16 said, I never was pro-active enough to find out. Until I constructed the story. And then it wasn’t a big surprise. It’s what I had expected all along. That’s actually why I’m not interested in reading the Bible…I’ve pretty much heard all of it from various freaks during my life.

For those who love historical factchecking, you’ll get a kick out of some of the events in this piece. Including the last line. As always, thanks for reading.


One Response to ““God Thinks This Stinks””

  1. Edd's Stories 22/05/2012 at 9:27 AM #

    The story is sad. Why so ?

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