In Slices

29 May

My short story “Veracruz in Fragments” is now published at The Rusty Nail. Many thanks to editor Craig A. Heart and Dr. Kimberly Nylen Hart for taking this piece. The story made the rounds for several months, getting rejected over and over. At one point I pulled it and re-wrote some passages…basically unified it. The piece was written in three parts at three separate times in my life. It reads quite sad now, on my last pass over it; not sadly written, it’s just an unfortunate subject matter. I tried placing it in a Mexican publication, but the editor thought it portrayed Mexico in a negative light, and from a visitor’s point of view. In fact, the story for me reads much like something along the lines of a Brett Easton Ellis piece…just straight up information being delivered by an un-affected or desensitized narrator;it’s never meant to demean the country or setting.  I remember at the time I wrote this, I was very much affected/influenced by Brett Easton Ellis’ “The Informers” and Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club.” I’m quite sure some of that style seeped in. I steal even subconsciously, it seems.


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