Of Herbs and Given Names

28 Jun

My poem “Basil” is published in the July issue of Thrush Poetry Journal. I’m grateful to editor and co-founder of Thrush (as well as award-winning poet) Helen Vitoria for working with me to cut and re-shape this little piece, and super grateful to have been included in what I think is one of the few ‘zines out there that consistently presents outstanding work in every issue.

Actually, Helen and I have just finished a collaborative piece which we’re shopping around currently. It’s enlightening to work with an established poet, and see how she shapes, she cuts, she adds, she “tinkers” with a line here, a line there, and gives the poem a different vibe, a different dynamic, a different rhythm. I am not well versed enough in classical poetry to fully understand how to break the rules properly, but working with Helen I learned tons about editing and structuring a very small piece. Nowadays I’m writing longer prose, leaving behind flash, but the urgency of a poem means literally every word and piece of punctuation  (or lack thereof) counts immensely.

Both Helen and I are super enchanted with how the collaboration transpired, and are extremely happy with what we’ve crafted. I hope in the next few months to be able to say the poem has been published, and to be able to bring it to you.


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