Green Cards

6 Jul

My short story “Resident Alien” is published up at Used Furniture Review. Many thanks to editor Dave Cotrone for taking this strange little capsule of a life never lived. This one, as usual, made the rounds for a good year before being accepted by UFR, then waited in the publishing queue for another few months. I don’t remember when I originally wrote it…must’ve been at least three years ago; these things take quite some time and often I fail to re-visit them, so I’m almost a first time reader myself when (if) they ever see the light of day in a lit ‘zine.

I have a couple of print projects on the way, so I won’t be able to link to the piece itself, but I will include the link to purchase the publications, when it’s available. I try to support independent literature as much as I can…often I cannot, but I figured if editors solicit material from me (as they have been lately), the piece I give them is enough artistic support to do my bit. Most of these publications do not pay.


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