Shave and a Haircut: Two Bits

11 Jul

“The Barber” is my flash story now published at the outstanding A-Minor Magazine. Kenny Mooney was the guest editor who took this short piece, but also editor in chief Nicolette Wong liked it and gave it the green light. Many thanks to these two talented people; Kenny is a writer and musician, and Nicolette is quite an accomplished poet. She works out of Hong Kong, and Kenny is now based in Scotland.

I think “The Barber” is probably one of my best attempts at pure flash fiction…I tried for a weird kind of underlying tension in the seemingly mundane dialogue; I went with an idea I always saw in westerns as a kid: the customer getting a shave, and holding a pistol to the barber’s ribs in case, you know, the barber slipped and somehow cut the throat. I have never been a westerns fan, but I’ve always loved that bit of mistrust between the customer and the barber of the Old West. I went for that in this piece, but it’s not until the very end that the relationship between the barber and the man he is shaving is truly revealed.

This piece is very short–maybe 500 words–but the ending comes packing a soft punch and sort of turns the whole piece upside down, I think. Or at least that’s what I tried.

If you head over to A-Minor and read this piece, leave some comments–good or bad. Thanks much, as always, for your time reading.


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