According To

21 Dec

My short story “According To” is now published over at Jumping Blue Gods. I’m so happy to end the year at the Gods. They consistently put out some of the most dynamic, most modern material. Many thanks to fiction editor, musician, all-around great woman Jennifer Bridges for taking this piece.  Originally, this was going to be a part of Short Lean Cuts, buttressing the character of the narrator, but I opted in excising the material because the rhythm of the language at times did not match what I wanted to achieve; and also because I did not want SLC to be a long piece of work. It is somewhat comical, true, but it can also get exhausting if it runs on for too long.

This is the last short story I have scheduled to be published in a magazine until late next year, when I’ll have something new and interesting in the print journal The Santa Fe Literary Review. But at this point I am not actively submitting anything or writing anything new other than material for my novel in progress (The Sun Eaters). I have been asked…material solicited by a few editors here and there but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out, and so we went our separate ways.

I hope you hang in with me for the release of my big collection “Gears” (Independent Talent Group) scheduled to hit January 29, 2013. It’s a comprehensive omnibus of 72 published and un-published stories clocking in at around 400 pages.

Have a great holiday!


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