2012: Round It Up

30 Dec

2012 was a good year for me and my family–a busy year for sure, for all of us. I want to say “I am grateful” for things, but really all the things I would be “grateful” for came as a result of being extremely pro-active (sometimes aggressive) and working hard, and so there is nothing to be grateful for: I either work and achieve or don’t work and don’t achieve. The end.

2013 finds me busier than I’ve ever been; in November I took a new job; one that carries with it an extremely large amount of public pressure and scrutiny, but one that I love and one that will help me in the future with ideas I have and plans I’ve concocted. At this point, with the “Gears” collection one small step away from being ready to release, I am starting production plans for its trailer. I hope, within 2 or so weeks, to hit you with something amazing visually. Actually, I don’t hope, I PROMISE to. Some of you I will get to meet and see for the first time at AWP in Boston in March. I look so forward to that. And for those who will be there, I have been asked by the wonderful writers, Meg Tuite and Anna March to join them and do a reading at Dillon’s on Friday, March 8th at 2 pm. The theme is “heat” and I’ve written something new for this–something I hope is much, much different than what you imagine, and something I hope you’ll like. I hope you can make it; I want to meet you! It’s my first reading in more than 20 years. In fact, last time I read something in a venue, George H.W. Bush was president, and we had just busted through, led by the recently deceased General Schwarzkopf, into Kuwait.

2013 also finds me working hard to finish my novel “The Sun Eaters.” It does not yet have representation (I haven’t started that process yet), therefore it does not have a publisher, but I am extremely confident this book will find its home somewhere, and hopefully will appear on your bookshelves soon after that. Nearly halfway through the novel, I consider this work my most important (so far) in my life.

I have another project I hope to start in 2013, possibly late in the year. This is something a lot of people who’ve known me personally and my previous jobs in television and journalism have asked me to consider tackling. And so I’ve decided that I would. It’s too early for any details, but just know that I’ll be busy writing this upcoming year, nearly continuously.

As far as publishing short stories, I was given a fantastic, early Xmas present a few days ago: there will be an interesting couple of stories hitting you in February in one of the most wonderful, hep ‘zines around–my first time ever being published there. Those two stories were originally in “Gears” but I had to pull them, as the book would have been coming out before publication in this journal, and at the time of acceptance a few days ago, the rights suddenly belonged to the magazine. Can’t have something published in my book without owning the rights to it now, can I. No matter, you’ll get to read them (I hope) in this amazing venue. And the last thing that I can think of being published (I will not be submitting anything short or flash in 2013) will be in July in yet another fantastic journal edited by a brilliant woman–an award-winning novelist herself. The majority of my year coming up will be spent concentrating on my novel and its sale to a publisher. And, of course, the new project I just mentioned up above.

I wish you a happy, healthy new year (if you’re following this calendar–if you’re not, you lucky dog you!), full of successes and love, but also with a healthy side of heartbreak and hardship, because that’s what keeps you sharp: grace under pressure. I will, indeed, be seeing you in the new year, although on a bit more limited basis.

Happy New Year, see you in Boston in March!


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